Planet Cazmo 2 Coming Soon

It’s coming soon! Click this link for more




Rare here!

Hey everyone! It is I. Rarerufc.

I just wanted to see how everyone is doing, I miss you all so, so much! I’m no longer on any social networking sites so it’s hard to interact. I’m also not putting up my email due to personal reasons.

If you’d like to chat to me VIA email, let me know below and in the wordpress comments box where it says “Email:” Just pop it in (ONLY I WILL SEE IT, NOBODY ELSE.)


Miss you guys so much! I’m getting on well in life too!

This time 3 years ago there was a Natasha Bedingfield and Clique Girlz concert. Do you remember?


Anyway, CU all around!



over and out,


Bringing Back The Cazmo

Hey Guys BetaPeteyk Here again with some other important news the staff format and the donate button! They will be posted Below!



What Are You Applying For:

What Experience Do You Have:

Why Do You Think You Should Get This:


Mod: 6 LEFT

Coder: 3 LEFT

Blogger: 4 LEFT

Chief Ambassador: 4 LEFT

Admin: 2 LEFT

Co Owner: CloselyRUFC

Owner: BetaPeteyk

Donator Button Is Coming Soon!

The New Cazmo!

Hello Everyone Today i have great news i have found out a way to bring Cazmo back all you guys need to do is donate to us so we can get a VPS and buy and somehow get the coding from Pileated Pictures but moving on if we are going to do this we will need staff so we will be hiring people for staff spots if they meet the requirements just email if you want to be staff but dont email yet becuase there is of course a format for it that will be posted in the next post i do and so will the donate button so stay tuned and Spread The World -Silver Circle Ambassador BetaPeteyk

Cazmo Back up!

Hey Cazmos!
Sorry about the few days delay, PlanetCazmo was experiencing pretty tough server issues! They’re finally fixed, woop!


Other than that, have a great day!
Check the new music on play page in the jukebox, 8 new songs added and New Music Videos available!

Stay Tuned

Check out for some GREAT news on PlanetCazmo!!

Can’t log in? ;O!

Hey Cazmos!
Its all happening again, cazmo is probably down, I’m investigating why… So hey BigDawg, send us a quick tweet on why cazmo is down buddy :)!
Here’s some images of lots of Cazmos saying its down!








Hope this gets fixed soon :-(!
Me without cazmo is like bread without butter, just doesn’t mix too good.

Contest closes in 24HOURS!!!